The Reluctant Rescue by Stewart Ferris
True story of dog rescues from Greece

The Reluctant Rescue

Meet Pooch, the top dog living a life of luxury. Until, that is, his humans adopt a Greek stray called Mary and bring her back to England. For Mary living in a home with lawns, sofas and unlimited food is heaven. Pooch, however, struggles to share his paradise. When another stray called Brando arrives on the scene, things only get worse. Will Pooch ever learn to love his newfound companions?

Heart-warming and hilarious, this is the true story of the rescue of stray dogs from Greece.

The Reluctant Rescue is published by Headline Accent.

5 star reader review

'I laughed the whole way through this true story narrated by Stewart and Katia's dogs, Pooch and Mary. The narrative takes us from New York to Chichester, France, Spain, Italy and, of course, Greece, where we see this world through canine eyes as they embark on this staggering journey. The characters are adorably hilarious and beautifully juxtaposed - one narcissist and one humble soul. The life lessons are subtle: not taking privilege for granted, helping those less fortunate than ourselves and the incredible power of loving and caring for others.'