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The Reluctant Rescue

Meet Pooch, the top dog living a life of luxury. Until, that is, his humans adopt a Greek stray called Mary and bring her back to England.
For Mary living in a home with lawns, sofas and unlimited food is heaven. Pooch, however, struggles to share his paradise.
When another stray called Brando arrives on the scene, things only get worse. Will Pooch ever learn to love his newfound companions?

Heart-warming and hilarious, this is the true story of the rescue of stray dogs from Greece.


The Reluctant Rescue is available in eBook and paperback print from Accent Press.

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The Dali Diaries

When an English Earl opens a forgotten room in his stately home – a room that has been locked since 1937 – he discovers a connection to his mother’s tragic disappearance and re-awakens a decades-old conspiracy against his family. Vengeful former servants have him in their sights, but it soon becomes clear that their agenda reaches far beyond the aristocrat and his forebears. As he unravels the connections between a lost Dali painting found in a Spanish cave, a time capsule buried at Flushing Meadows and his grandmother’s friendship with Hitler’s lover Unity Mitford, the Earl realises he has just hours to save millions from the horrifying true purpose of the conspirators.


The Dali Diaries is available in eBook and paperback print from Accent Press.

The Sphinx Swindle

Archaeologist Ruby Towers embarks on a televised search for the fabled Hall of Records within the Sphinx at Giza, unaware that her career is being manipulated from the shadows by a seedy television producer who has placed her at the heart of the greatest archaeological swindle of modern times. Meanwhile, her on-screen relationship with the documentary’s presenter, Matt Mountebank, alarms her eccentric friend Lord ‘Ratty’ Ballashiels, who is viewing the nightly broadcasts from his crumbling English manor. Ratty flies to Cairo, plotting to carry out a desperate plan in front of the television cameras. When he arrives, the shocking consequences of the swindle start to unravel. Ruby’s reputation is in tatters, and any hope of finding the real Hall of Records seems lost for a generation. Ratty has one last chance to make things right, but it will cost him everything…


The Sphinx Swindle is available in Kindle eBook format only:

5 star reader review

'This is a really good mix of adventure and humour. It pulls on some lesser-known but accurate history (I've checked a few of the references) with a nice touch of conspiracy to it. Definitely worth a try.'

The Genesis Glitch

December 2012. There is global paranoia surrounding the predicted event described in the ancient scrolls recently discovered in the Sphinx: the resurrection of ancient malevolence in the form of Halford. His body has been preserved for 12 millennia in such condition that reanimation might be possible using the genesis procedure.

Halford’s advanced technical knowledge, twisted mind and capacity for evil are well documented in the scrolls. Dictators want him. Powerful crime syndicates want him. Scientists want him. But even if they find him, to exploit his curse from the past they first need someone who can communicate with him.

Only the three people who found and translated the scrolls have sufficient knowledge of the ancient language: a peculiar Guatemalan known as the Patient; Lord 'Ratty' Ballashiels, and archaeologist Ruby Towers.

As the competing nations battle to kidnap the translators and find Halford, a glitch in the genesis procedure becomes apparent, rendering their quest even more urgent...

5 star reader review

'Absolutely stunning book, brilliantly written. A gripping plot that means you don't want to put it down. Can't wait to read the other books by this author.'

The Sphinx Scrolls


Mayan legends tell of twin stele that reveal a location where the secret of surviving the end of the world can be found. One part of that stele sits in the dusty attic of hard-up English aristocrat, Lord ‘Ratty’ Ballashiels. The other disappeared from a Berlin museum when the Nazis took power.


Ratty Ballashiels receives an offer to buy his half of the stele from Dr Otto Mengele, private doctor to the President of Guatemala and adopted son of Josef Mengele, the notorious Nazi ‘Angel of Death’. Ratty’s friend, archaeologist Ruby Towers, is appalled at the prospect that the location indicated by the stele could soon be found by someone of doubtful integrity. Her concerns are proved correct when Otto steals the stele and attempts to fulfil the Mengele destiny by completing the two great quests begun by his father.


In Guatemala, Ruby discovers a mysterious Mayan artefact. It attracts the attention of the President, who makes her work for him under duress. The imminent arrival of her lover, Matt, gives her hope of rescue. He’s a famous ex-special forces soldier. However, Matt is not what he seems. Her job is not what it seems. The artefact is not what it seems. As a previously unknown chapter in mankind’s ancient past begins to open up to her, even the story of humanity appears not to be what it seems. Philip Larkin, Aristotle, Josef Mengele, The Sphinx at Giza, Egyptian mummification – all turn out to be connected to the mystery. Finally, it seems she can no longer dismiss the Mayan prophecies relating to the end of the world when she discovers that the ancients have set something in motion that will threaten the world today…

5 star reader review

'The characters are really different and are described really well, and some things pop higher you don't expect. Storyline has facts, humour, a decent plot generally with surprises thrown in for good measure.

The author keeps the pace going with no obvious clues to what is on the next page so it keeps your attention. There are lots of sub plots that add to the overall content positively and without confusion.

Even when you get towards the end of the book, you discover that the story continues and a few more twists come along.

I really enjoyed this book and look forward to future books with the characters.'