About Stewart Ferris


Stewart's first book, The Busker's Guide to Europe, was published in 1991. In addition to more than 40 published works, he has also written for Pokémon, Ricky Gervais and the Edinburgh Fringe. 


Stewart co-founded the award-winning independent publisher, Summersdale.


Following an MA in Creative Writing, Stewart is starting a PhD exploring the influence of modernism in the writings of P.G. Wodehouse. 

Latest writings

Stewart’s latest book, The Reluctant Rescue, is the true story of the adoption of stray dogs from Greece, told from the dogs' perspective.

Previous works

The Key to The Da Vinci Code (reference)

How to be a Writer (reference)

How to Get Published (reference)

How to Publish Your Own Book (reference)

Unusual Character Names for Writers (reference)

How to Get Inspired to Write (reference)

De-Stress for Exams (reference)

The Busker’s Guide to Europe (reference)

Don’t Mention the War (travel writing)

Don’t Lean Out of the Window (travel writing)

Tish and Pish – How to be of a speakingness like Stephen Fry (humour)

The Little Book of Flirting (humour)

How to Chat-up Women (humour)

Shag Yourself Slim (humour)

The Little Book of Essential English Swear Words (humour)


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